The Alliance of Psychotherapy Associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SPUBIH) is a professional body that aims to work on protecting and promoting common humanitarian, professional, scientific and other goals and interests of all accredited psychotherapists in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The scientific field of psychotherapy concerns insurance and promotion of welfare for all individuals and groups, as well as understanding threats that affect the well-being of individuals or groups.
Members of the Alliance respect the dignity and value of an individual, and are dedicated to improving knowledge of human behavior and experience, increasing understanding of people about themselves and others and using that knowledge to promote the health and well-being of people.
We are aware of the prejudice and stigma of mental health that has long tied to people who are different sexual homosexual orientations. Prejudice and discrimination identified as homosexuals or bisexuals regularly have shown to have negative psychological consequences.
The Alliance as a professional association supports and promotes the use of true and scientifically based information for those who want to better understand sexual orientations, but also the effect of prejudice and discrimination on people of different sexual orientations.
Research has not revealed the link between any form of sexual orientation and psychopathology. Sexual orientation is part of human sexuality and human identity.
Despite represented stereotypes trying to present people with different sexual orientations as disrupted, several decades of research and clinical practices led by mental health experts across the scientific community have concluded that these orientations represent normal forms of human experience and human connection.
Respecting all of the above, the Alliance is fenced from all statements from any member or member of the Alliance that are contrary to the Alliance's ethical code and scientific findings that can be expressed in the context of the upcoming Pride Procession.
Also, we urge all mental health professionals to fences from making statements that can ultimately contribute to creating and further strengthening prejudice but also supporting hate speech towards certain individuals and groups.